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Friday, January 18, 2013


When my friend Emily asked me to recreate a painting that was originally made for her Grandmother I was thrilled. The original piece that hung in her Grandmothers house was made by a friend of hers who was in art school at the time. Emily reminisced about how all the pictures from her "Gram's" house had this painting in the background. It was a very nice memory for the family. After her Grandmother passed, the piece was left to her Mother along with the silver pitcher that was the subject of the painting. Emily was quite surprised when her Mother brought both to her so she could have them in her new house. Knowing how much the painting meant to her Mother, Emily asked me to make a new fresh version as a birthday gift. This is the result, named Mary after her Grandmother of course. Thank you Emily for this great opportunity, I think your Mom is fabulous and hope the painting brings her wonderful memories.
(Above : The girls and I with both of the paintings.)